Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I will be able to smile and have natural looking teeth?

With DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedures, you could walk out of the office with beautiful, natural-looking teeth in as little as 2 hours from the time of your initial exam and consultation.

Can I really have a DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure done during my lunch break?

Because of the data-driven sophistication of the DIOnavi EcoDigital system, and because there is no surgical incision, the procedure is personalized, precise, and fast. You can have the entire procedure from initial scan to receiving a new replacement tooth in as little as 2 hours from the time you walk into the dentist’s office. Or, if your dentist elects to perform some of the steps during a consultation visit, it may be even faster on treatment day.

What makes the DIOnavi Eco Digital Implant Procedure so comfortable?

DIOnavi procedures are minimally invasive and flapless. This means that there is no surgical incision like you have with conventional implant techniques. Your gums, teeth, and bone are protected from unnecessary surgical damage. The result is a very comfortable procedure and recovery.

How much does a DIOnavi procedure cost?

Your dentist determines what they charge for a DIOnavi procedure. Click here to Find A Dentist in your area.

How many fewer office visits will I have with a DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure?

Because DIOnavi is data-driven, everything is fast and precise. Many implant dentists say that their patients have five or six fewer office visits with DIOnavi compared to conventional procedures.