A procedure personalized just for you

01 Consultation

During the consultation, your dentist will understand your goals and perform an initial digital scan of your mouth and jaw to define a personalized solution that will meet your needs.

Your dentist will also explain the DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure approach that will work best for you. Once you and your dentist agree on a treatment decision, they may go ahead and perform more advanced digital imaging treatment planning before your procedure.

02 Procedure Planning

The data from the digital imaging exams of your mouth, teeth, and jaw will be used to develop your customized treatment plan. Using a unique combination of human skills and computer algorithms, your data will be compared to data from more than hundreds of thousands of other procedures and verified for best practices and accuracy. This may be done in the time between your initial consultation and your treatment day or on your treatment day. That decision will be made by you and your dentist. Either way, it does not involve another office visit for you.

03 Treatment Day

In as little as 2 hours, you’ll be walking out with your implant and replacement tooth (or teeth). Much of your time will involve sitting comfortably and reading or watching television while the team plans and prepares for the customized DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure and new replacement tooth. Here’s an overview of what you can expect on treatment day.

If digital scans of your mouth were not previously acquired, your dentist will do this when you arrive. These require just a few minutes. Your personalized treatment plan will be created from these digital images.

The digital data from your personalized treatment plan will be used to create a customized 3D printed procedure guide. This guide is made in the office with a highly specialized 3D printer, uniquely designed to the exact specifications derived from your scans. The guide ensures your implant is precisely placed to optimize comfort, healing, and long-term reliability.

Your personalized digital data will also be used to create a temporary replacement tooth that can be made in the office so your dentist can place it immediately. Your dentist may elect to place a temporary or a permanent tooth based on your specific healing needs.

During this entire process, you’ll be in a comfortable setting in the office and free to read, watch TV, or use your computer or mobile device.

Once your customized procedure kit has been created, you will be taken to the procedure suite. Your mouth will be numbed to keep you comfortable. The dentist will begin by placing your personalized procedure guide to ensure the procedure is performed with sub-millimeter accuracy. Placing the implant takes just a few minutes. The total time will depend on the number and location of the implants.

Once the implant is in position, your replacement tooth (temporary or permanent) will be placed on top of the implant.

Following placement of your implant and replacement tooth, your dentist may ask you to stay in the office for a few minutes to ensure you’re feeling well.

You’ll leave the office with your new replacement tooth (or teeth), ready to enjoy your new look. Remember to always follow your dentist’s specific instructions on what to do after your procedure.

NOTE: If your dentist performs all of the necessary scanning images on the day of your consultation, they may elect to create your personalized procedure guide and replacement tooth before you arrive on treatment day. In this case, your treatment time may be even shorter.

Are you a candidate?

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