A better way to get the new teeth you need—in as little as 2 hours

Takes you to the next level of comfort — with less noise, incision, and heating, patients hardly encounter any pain.
Minimal incision delivers maximum results — bears less bleeding and swelling, enabling quicker recovery. 
Speedy recovery gets you smiling sooner — immediate prosthesis loading is possible in select cases, allowing patients to return to normal life.
Such a beautifully simple solution — while waiting at the dentist’s office, the entire procedure can be planned, managed, designed, and performed in just one visit.

Maximized comfort to minimize your stress

DIOnavi is the low-stress, modern way to get new teeth in as little as 2 hours. And it’s done without a surgical incision. That means no incision and no stitches. It’s a comfortable procedure designed to help you heal quickly.
Now that’s SMART.



Precise diagnostics. Flawless placements. Predictable outcomes.

Thanks to a 100% digital workflow, the scanning of the patient’s anatomy is inserted into the planning protocol. The data is automatically optimized to support better decision-making, eliminating traditional manual processes and reducing human errors. DIOnavi implants are patient-friendly, providing a more resilient solution. Plus, the life-changing treatment can be performed on the same day.


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