The DIOnavi Difference

With a personalized, minimally invasive DIOnavi implant procedure, there’s no surgical incision, no complications, and very little swelling. Plus the risk of infection is almost zero. Reduce pain and time spent in the dentist chair, while increasing recovery time — which gets you back to normal life sooner.

Cut it Out

DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure    Beautifully detailed DIOnavi Procedure

The entire DIOnavi procedure can be planned, managed, and performed at your dentist’s office in just one visit. Since it’s self-guided with no surgical incision, patients encounter minimal discomfort and bleeding. Plus the process is highly precise and relatively fast, so you can showcase your new smile on the same day.

Conventional Dental Implant Surgery   Traditional dental implant surgery

The old method of implant surgery will have you in the dentist’s chair multiple times — over several visits — even with those ‘same day smile’ advertisements. Worse, your gums will be cut to perform the implant procedure, which leads to overswelling, severe bleeding, and a longer recovery time.

Supremely Comfortable

Let’s face it, nobody likes pain. You never hear anyone say ‘I sure could use some more pain right now.’ You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that when you eliminate the surgical incision, the pain associated with cutting the gums also dissipates. DIOnavi’s surgical guide is designed to protect your gingival and jaw bone during the procedure. Osseointegration increases, creating a soothing healing environment. The UV activation technology stimulates a reparative environment for a quicker recovery than traditional methods.

Innovative Technology.

The DIOnavi implant solution uses the most advanced dental technology to fully customize your new smile. Digital imaging (known as a CT scan) captures accurate intraoral data of your entire mouth. From there, detailed plans are designed, created, revised, and delivered to the dentist for approval. Once finalized, the prosthetic design and surgical guide are fabricated. Then all items (final prosthesis, a surgical guide, and drilling protocol) are delivered to your dentist all ready for the new smile procedure.

Fast Fix

Sure it takes the average child up to three years to get a full set of twenty primary teeth. Thankfully DIOnavi singular implants can be set in place on the same day. And for those edentulous patients, the DIOnavi Full Arch rehabilitation can be completed in just four visits. Go from missing a tooth to make-me-a-tooth in no time at all. Say goodbye to those detachable dentures and say hello to a beautiful full set of permanent teeth in just a few sittings. 

All for DIOnavi . DIOnavi for All

Some traditional techniques cause complications from surgical incisions such as bleeding and swelling. These side effects can make implants a no-go for people with previous health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Seniors can also encounter roadblocks with conventional implants. The good news though, DIOnavi implants do not require a surgical incision. Nor do they produce any of the aforementioned complications. DIOnavi is all for good and good for all.