The DIOnavi Difference

With the personalized, minimally invasive DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure, there is no surgical incision, and recovery is quick without the complications that come with an incision-based procedure. Conventional implant techniques require a surgical incision and recovery time can be slow and painful due to swelling and risk of infection.

DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure
DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure

With DIOnavi EcoDigital Implants, your entire procedure can be planned, managed, and performed at your dentist’s office in one visit. There’s no surgical incision, which means it’s comfortable with less chance for complications. And the procedure itself is precise and fast, taking just minutes to perform.

Conventional Dental Implant SurgeryConventional Dental Implant Surgery

With conventional implant techniques, you’ll be heading to the dentist’s office for several appointments over a long period of time even with those that promise same-day implants. On the day of your surgery, the dentist will make a surgical incision in your gum to place the post (implant) that will hold your new tooth.

No incision means fast healing

Comfort matters and nobody wants to be in pain. Eliminating the surgical incision removes the pain associated with the cutting and sutures that are part of conventional implant procedures. The DIOnavi minimally invasive approach is designed to protect your gums and bone during the procedure to create a soothing healing environment. UV activation technology may also be used to stimulate healing and give your gums and bone the best environment to get healthy and strong more quickly than other methods.

High tech. Personalized. Low-stress.

With DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedures, data from the digital imaging scan of your mouth is used to create:

  • A precise, intelligence-driven plan for your procedure
  • Personalized procedure guides to ensure precise implant placement
  • Personalized replacement teeth designed for the look and function you need

Your DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure is designed specifically for you.

The implant is precisely guided into place by your dentist using the personalized, data-generated procedure guide to ensure accuracy. Why is that important? Because precise implant placement means a comfortable procedure, a stable tooth, and less risk for injury to nerves or surrounding areas.

New teeth on your schedule

Imagine going out for your lunch break and coming back with new teeth. With DIOnavi, that’s a real possibility.

Everything needed for your comfortable, personalized DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure is designed right in your dentist’s office. In about 2 hours from the time you walk in the office, you’ll walk out with your implant and replacement tooth (or teeth). For most of that time, you’ll be relaxing while your personalized treatment plan is created. And the actual implant procedure takes just a matter of minutes to perform.

An implant option for everyone

With conventional techniques, complications from surgical incisions like bleeding and swelling can make implants a no-go for people with health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Older adults can also face roadblocks with conventional implants. If you’ve been told in the past you weren’t a candidate for dental implants—good news—you may be one now.