DIOnavi Benefits

Point-of-care production, restoration, and healing solutions

Point-of-care production, restoration, and healing solutions

The DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Platform puts integrated, data-driven systems right in your office with no upfront costs for you. It enables rapid and precise production of intraprocedural guides, fleet/machine learning based treatment planning, temporary and permanent (future) prosthetics, and intraoperative delivery of UV Activation to promote rapid healing and osseointegration.

2-hour all digital workflow—from scan to restoration

You’ll be able to offer patients new replacement teeth on their lunch break—not just in one day.

The DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Platform delivers 2-hour procedure solutions with an integrated digital workflow from initial scan through restoration that includes:

  • 360⁰ fleet/machine-learning enabled case planning
  • Intelligent data-guided procedures
  • Precise, step-by-step intraprocedural guidance
  • Minimally invasive, flapless implant placement (no surgical incisions or suturing)
  • Intraoperative UV activation to speed healing
  • Real-time case planning—while your patients relax and wait in your office
  • Point-of-care restoration milling

Minimally invasive,
flapless implant delivery

Data drives precise, incisionless procedures that minimize surgical inefficiency and inaccuracy to provide optimal implant placement and unprecedented patient comfort, post-procedure healing, and osseointegration.

DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure

DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure

With the DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Platform, the entire procedure can be planned, managed, designed and performed in your office, in one visit. It’s flapless, so there is no incision, which means there’s less chance for complications and a better chance for a comfortable procedure with rapid healing. And whether you’ve done thousands of procedures or dozens, the entire intraoperative procedure can be performed in minutes.

Conventional Dental Implant SurgeryConventional Dental Implant Surgery

With conventional implant techniques, several appointments are required, often over a long period of time. “Implant-in-a-day” solutions sound good in theory, but multiple office visits are involved. Incisions and sutures used in conventional techniques increase the risk of infection and swelling, and compromise the patient experience.

Real partnership. Real commitment.

DIO PartnerOne is the commitment you’ve always wanted from an implant company.
It’s a real partnership based on complete alignment.

DIO creates a win-win relationship aligned around procedure quality and your practice growth goals. There are no up-front capital costs for technology or human resources, and cost-based billing means your expenses are aligned with your cash flow. Simply stated, you can be profitable from procedure-one.

That’s a real partnership. That is the DIO PartnerOne commitment.

DIO PartnerOne