Let’s dissect the digital.

360⁰ machine- and fleet-learning

  • Intraoral and CBCT scans of patient anatomy are input into the machine-learning case planning protocol
  • The case planning based on the patient data is optimized against the fleet-learning database
  • The automated fleet-learning provides continuous inter-procedural improvement efficiency of the case planning database with cumulative inputs from:
    • Individual clinician
    • Practice-specific data
    • Data from thousands of worldwide cases

Indispensible guide. Innovative technology.

  • Imaging and data are to create ‘next-to-zero’ deviation in intraprocedural surgical guide design and fit 
  • Procedures are designed to achieve immediate temporization with less than 0.4º deviation
  • Intraprocedural guidance optimizes implant placement, anatomical preservation of osseous and soft tissues, procedure speed, and healing.
    • The sleeve, drill design, and sequence maintain double contact to minimize path deviation 
    • Advanced drilling protocol provides accuracy for each tooth beyond conventional drilling guides 
  • There’s absolutely nothing like it. 
    • 100% of the procedure, including implant placement, is fully guided and keyless
    • Covers all general, sinus lift, edentulous (all-on-4 or all-on-6) case indications with a fully integrated digital workflow through immediate temporization

Minimally invasive, flapless implant placement.

  • Data enables precise, incisionless, and sutureless procedures 
  • Reduces time-consuming prcedural inefficiencies 
  • Optimizes patient comfort, promotes post-procedure healing and stimulates osseointegration

Chairside UV Activator promotes bone regeneration.

  • Long-term implant stability begins with UV activation
  • Ultraviolet irradiation reduces carbon levels and negative electrostatic charges
  • It’s the only UV Activator that creates a super-hyrophillic, electropostivie, carbon-minimum surface